Pulli (Virama) & Double Pencil Method

The Case of Interesting Elements in the evolution of Tamil script in printing & let's dive in to learn how to do calligraphy using Double Pencil Method.

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Hope you're doing great. Today I wanted to share few things on Tamil Calligraphy and Tamil script in general.

Tamil without Pulli

First thing first, is that I have seen this tweet last week while I was scrolling through my timeline.

This got me thinking about a past event, when I was examining the 1742 placard from Dutch Press in Ceylon, I have noticed the same phenomena. What’s that? The Tamil letters were printed without Pulli (Virama) - You can see in the above image.

So, I quote tweeted saying this,

Even though, I have noticed so many peculiarities in the 1742 placard I have seen, last year. So I wanted to share those things with a tweet,

But, it is not just limited to Tamil letterforms but it also gets interesting with the Tamil numerals. Here is the cool observation about Tamil numerals in the 1742 placard.

These are some of the interesting observations from the placard. There are so many others too, I’ll keep you posted in future communication. What do you think? I’d like to know about it. Please reply to this mail, so that I can see your response on this.

Double Pencil Tamil Calligraphy

I wanted to show how I draw Tamil letters using double pencil method, so I made a video on my YouTube channel - You can watch it here and share your views on it.

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